"The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self." - Maria Montessori

Learning in Kansas City, MO

We love to incorporate fun and creativity into learning as we prepare children for the years ahead. Children enrolled at Montessori Academy enjoy diversity in classroom activities:

Throughout the course of the year we study and discover the world around us from the "countries and cultures of the world" to "what lives in the sea?". We even celebrate significant people in our present or past. Dr. Seuss and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are a couple of our favorites!

Planning out the day is important to the teachers, as well as giving the children time to have freedom to create, learn through experience and become independent. One of the favorite times for children is Montessori work time. Children get to choose a variety of fun educational Montessori work and under the guidance of teachers develop everything from fine and gross motor skills to problem-solving and personal responsibility. You can see a sample of some of the work we currently use below!

Role playing, music and art are also foundational to the Montessori Academy curriculum and the development of our student’s creativity and imagination. We know you will see some of their masterpieces when you come in for a visit!