About Us

"Research shows that one of the best investments we can make in a child’s life is high quality early education." - President Obama, State of the Union Address

Teaching in Kansas City, MO

Early childhood is one of the most formative times in a child’s development. Holly Beyer, the owner, acquired the school 15 years ago, transforming to a community centric care center for families to feel secure knowing their children are being not only educated through the Montessori method, but also cared for with love.

Our mission is to foster academic excellence in a safe and loving environment so that the children at Montessori Academy will in turn foster excellence and a safe, loving environment in their communities and be world changers they are made to be.

The overall health and well being of the child is just as important to the Montessori Academy principles. Staff takes the time to discover the thoughts and feelings of the children in response to their environment and navigate the daily concerns of the child. We desire to educate our students on healthy choices, implementing the State of Missouri Eat Smart and Move Smart programs. Providing breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack, we also choose to use as many organic products as possible in our balanced diet. We even plan to incorporate some local garden veggies from our Alley Garden partnership!